6 Tips to Distract Yourself From Your Dental Fear

Dental fear is unfortunately a common thing, and for many, the sounds of the dentist office can be the trigger for that uneasiness.

 So, how can you help to feel more comfortable? With a fantastic playlist, of course.

 The American Dental Association recommends that patients listen to music in the dentist office as a form of distraction. A combination of music and an anesthetic during dental procedures can reduce your blood pressure and pulse rate more than an anesthetic alone.

Patients who listen to music at the dentist office tend to have lower levels of stress-related hormones.

How to Musically Distract Yourself at the Dentist Office: 


  • Use soothing, but energetic music. What do you usually use to de-stress? You probably don’t want music that you listen to before going out or whatever pumps you up before a game. Instead try for something that is soothing but energetic. You don’t want low points in the music to reveal the noise you are trying to cover.
  • Clear it with your dentist first. Call your dentist’s office before your appointment and make sure they are okay with you listening to music.
  • Use headphones! Not only is this polite, it will be better to cover the sound.
  • Get the right equipment. Consider the type of headphone. Many are made to block exterior noises and that would be a great option.
  • Volume control. Keep music loud, but not so loud that it will disturb other patients or cause hearing damage.


What are your favorite sounds to hear when you visit the dentist? We’d love to hear your feedback as a comment.